All products I make are customizable! I can do personal pictures as well, so think anything and everything! I love making custom requests, and I love crazy ideas so don't be shy to contact me with any questions! Also, almost everything you see on any product is printable on clothing as well! So, if you see a bag and think, "Oh that would look good on a shirt!", you're right! It totally would, so ask about it! :) I am always open for ALL ideas!

Dream Catchers

hand wrapped grape vines make the frame, glass beads and locally found shells & crystals accent the rest of the design. I really love making these personalized to each new owner. I like to incorporate favorite animals or objects, as well as favorite colors! These are such a great gift for a special someone in your life.

Sun Catchers

locally hand collected driftwood from the west coast. any shells or crystals added are also hand collected as well as hand wrapped in wire to make them into pendants. I love to personalize these as well! Favorite animals, objects and colors go into the designs when its for a specific person!

Multipurpose Clips

beautiful, unique, fancy, and/or themed hand wrapped beaded wire multipurpose clips. examples: card clips or smoking accessory

Hemp Jewelry

Macrame and braids with and without beads. Can be personalized as well!

Vinyl Apparel

tank tops, t-shirts, hoodies, sweat shirts, shorts, sweat pants. boxers, undies, hats, gloves, bags, blankets, pillow cases



apparel, mouse pads, ornaments, tote bags, make up pouch bags, double or single sided wallets, phone wallets, cup/mug zip pouches, lanyards, wrist lanyards, keychains, license plates, name tag spools, sleeping masks, air fresheners, draw-string bags, little backpacks, flags, badges, koozies, dog tags, puzzles, coasters and car coasters, magnets, bottle openers, and magnetic bookmarks!

Car Catchers

Beautiful beaded strings to hang from your mirror to brighten up your daily ride. Can be personalized too!

Beaded Jewelry

uniquely designed clasped bracelets, necklaces and keychains

Friendship Bracelets

from classic to unique, fun, colorful friendship bracelets, necklaces and keychains

Crystals & Rocks

picture frames, mirrors, magnets and pendants!

Wrapped Pendants

hand wrapped shells, arrow heads (contemporary heads), bones, stones and crystals

Decal Stickers

permanent and/or removable vinyl decal stickers. soooo much random fun stuff but absolutely always open for custom request too!


sublimation keychains: leather rounds, wooden squares, acrylic random shapes, dog tags and name tag spools

hemp/ string keychains: colorful or solid fun keychains attached to key rings! with or without beads and charms, all hand knotted or braided

epoxy self-defense keychains: knives, tools, knuckles

keychain sets: self defense sets (tool, mace, siren)

smoker friendly sets (lighter leash, blunt splitter, poker)

handy tool sets (box knife, tiny screw driver, siren)

combination sets (mix together any or all options listed above)

beaded post keychains: metal post keychains that I stack with beautiful beads

Air Fresheners


sublimation, anything and EVERYTHING possible. Yes, you read that right, everything. custom requests available

Epoxy Art


ash trays, lighter cases, self defense tools and keychains, different size decorative bowls, jewelry boxes and trays, rolling trays, figurines, brush/pen holder, trinket cups & jars, coasters, memorial pieces paper weights (pyramids or cubes)

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